Shenzhen Yongshun Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yongshun Paper Products Co., Ltd. is located in the forefront city of reform and opening up - Shenzhen. For 12 years, we have been striving to develop new technologies and are an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Guangming District. We have successively invented 7 patents and developed 10 software works. Simultaneously introducing advanced printing equipment and the latest production technology, our products strive for excellence and fully meet your quality requirements in the increasingly competitive business world. Add Heidelberg split five color and four split six color printing machines; The production equipment for the subsequent process is complete, with automatic card mounting/pit mounting integrated machine, automatic gift box machine, automatic box gluing machine, automatic die-cutting machine, UV polishing machine, stamping machine, trademark machine, rotary machine, environmental protection film coating production line, etc. At present, Yongshun's product quality and production efficiency are at the forefront of the industry. Since its establishment, we mainly engage in color box design and printing, album design and printing, promotional leaflet design and printing, display racks, boutique boxes, manuals, envelopes, stickers, stamping, computer stickers, label paper, computer barcode paper, desk calendars, color cards, hanging tags, handbag printing, stickers printing, product packaging box development and design projects. We believe that with our first-class professional technology, we will definitely provide you with the highest quality product services! Since our company was established, we have received praise from various customers multiple times! Looking forward to working with you for a win-win situation!

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Shenzhen Yongshun Paper Products Co., Ltd

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